You or the World

It turned out that they left for the ships that day so soon
That we never had a chance to get there before the pull of the moon
They looked at us from afar on the water and knew they could not help
They did not turn around and were lost in the juggernaut swell
There we stood on the shore, alone in the mist and the dark with the sand
We watched them silently drift on the water, that selfish dark teeming band
Taking up speed and they set out forever with their sails long gone and unfurled
I’d rather sit here with you and wait ‘til we drown, than float with the rest of the world.

Food was brought in by servants and slaves but even soon they too ate well
We came in too late and were admonished and hated for missing the dinner bell
They stuck up their noses and looked down with contempt at us two standing by the door
We felt like small children and wept and we cried as we held up our plates for some more
People left and they snubbed us and hit our shoulders as we looked at their bellies full
We loathed those that were fat and we looked at our stomachs and heard our hunger pangs pull
They’d eaten the bread, they’d taken the meat, given us none and still their smiles had curled
I’d rather go without food and starve here with you, than dine with the rest of the world.

Wings they thought up and endless other means to fly above trees and the seas
They could all sail in air and watch us below looking, longing, offering pleas
Machines they built strong that were steel, lean, and long to fly away from this unkind place
And they might have stopped for us, or brought us along if they’d only seen the look in our face
But the golden feathers and steel whirring of engines and the happiness long left this land
So we waited on earth, just us two forever, staring up into space hand in hand
Sometimes we saw birds that reminded us so of those fliers that through air they’d left purled
I’d rather die here with you, and rot on the ground, than soar with the rest of the world.

Last and the foremost the afterlife came and we found ourselves last at the gate
We thought God would hear us and He would listen even though we would have to wait
Souls pushed passed us greedy, not waiting in line, for they feared that endless cruel burn
And even after it all, after lessons through life, we knew none would even now learn
Still we held each others hand, looked over the crowds and our eternal, damned sad lot
It was then we remembered, unlike all those other fools, of things in life we’d forgot
So we smiled, walked away, down the road to our doom, out of heaven then we were hurled
I’d rather spent eternity in hell, miserable with you, than in glory with the rest of the world.

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