You For You

How long with the ribbon will I sit and I type?
How long will my brother put up with my life?

How long will I slant rhyme and try to be neat?
How will I will live and death will I cheat?

How long will you wonder at my subconscious mind?
How long will I shift and find nothing to find?

How long will I confuse those dumb homonyms?
How short will my mood get when the tide settles in?

How much will you love me for telling you truth?
How much will you hate for the mistakes of youth?

What time does your clock say, how long have you got,
To sit and be curious over ways that are sought?

For those that you seek and those that have died,
Are already better than those who now try.

How much will you judge you how much will you hate?
How many people are already prostrate?

What makes you so sad what makes you stay long?
What makes you wonder why you can’t recite song?

Why stay on those knees, love hard crying pleas,
And love those that you know you can’t beat.

Thank those that are better than you as such.
Know others love them, while you not as much.

But that perfect person will find you no doubt,
And your worries and cares you’ll no longer flout.

You’ll find the right person, that one that is true.
You’ll find the right person that loves you for you.

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One Response to You For You

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    How long will you wonder at my subconscious mind?…probably forever after reading your works.

    How much will you love me for telling you truth?…INCREDIBLE…maybe truth is overrated. where is the truth? what is the truth and how will i know it to be the truth? is a lighter a lighter because it really IS a lighter? or is it a lighter because that is what we call it so we can know what we are referring to? can we really know what we are referring to? is 2 + 2 really 4, or is it 4 because we say it is? so how can you actually tell the truth?
    love it!