Write On

I wish for one more poem, I wish, I truly do
I wish for more rhythm in beauty to appear in inky blue
Not all poems are about love, heartache, and its desire
Some are about monsters lurking, and dragon’s breathing fire
But not all poetry is about fantasy realms and made up fiends
Some is about the human condition and the changing it often brings
Not all poetry is about humans and their thoughts and ideas
I bet there’s been a poem about guacamole splattered tortillas
And not only random stuff like food, but also stories to boot
Ones about villains, thieves that are thick, and always looking for loot
And love and stuff too, blades of grass, the rain bending them down
The heartache, the times when we were even too sad to bend out face to a frown
Poems are about silliness, poems for children about ships and sieves and sails
Poems about other silly stuff too, from those times when the mind derails
Poems about ogies and flogies and hammers and whatchamabobits
Poems about girls and boys and stars and flars and chiteranobleebloblits
Poems that were made from life or from the imagination
Poems about love for the world, or the thought of its conflagration
Poems from history or poems from the mind’s odd forgings
Poems about people, their bellies and mind’s often excessive engorgings
So still I wish for more, more, more, more to appear on the page
I wish everybody acted them out in their mind, that magical dynamic stage
I wish people to give more ideas, to fuel this bloodline of poems
To create more ideas, more worlds, more hope, adding to all of the tomes
I wish that people sung them, drank them, spoke them, saw them
I wish they wrote more, every day, adding more facets to the gem
I wish people stood up on a box and gave the finest orations
I wish others were listening, loving the words, adding little notations
I wish people spilled them out into the universe, daily, sometimes as a secret
While locked in their room, or alone on a mountain for only the wind to interpret
I wish more existed, I truly just DO and I love the thought that they can
I love that more poems, more stories, can come from any woman or man
So now that this poem, this wish, is nearly and fully concluded
I’ll wait to see your story, anything, I’ll take it; I just want to read one that you did.

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