Tomlinson Hest

The captain had said it, because he feared the worst
When the engines of the rocket gave off their first burst
That Tomlinson Hest shouldn’t have come
But when they heard he’d snuck on, all the crewmates stayed mum
Because Tomlinson Hest had a way about him
That nagged at the Captain, and made his look dim
But that far into space, no one they’d cast out
So Tomlinson Hest, mocked the captain’s queer doubt
And made up odd pranks, which sent pulses flying
Never knowing one jest would be the cause of their dying
He made one wrong move with the switches one day
The passengers died slowly, to the captain’s dismay
But Tomlinson Hest made his best of the mess
And survived through a pod, unlike all the rest
Tomlinson Hest, whose wife was on board,
Stared after the craft and the gal he’d adored
Tomlinson Hest, through his pranks he’d smiled,
Would smile no longer, for his wife was with child.

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