The Old Mind Bender

In castle lived the Mind Bender
An old gray man with love
A hooded sage, distraught, aloof
He bent from high above

The Mind Bender did wear a cloak
which always he held tight
He wore that cloak which hid his form
And it was black as night

His glares they were the oddest part
So thought all who met them
They were as dark as his old cloak
Through sadness they did stem

So often the old Mind Bender
Would bend his will and thought
To places far away
To places long forgot

And sometimes it would be for good
And sometimes to ill-will
And sometimes he would try to help
Those that lived beneath that hill

And often many starry nights
And starless nights alike
The Mind Bender would stare afar
And think about those lives

But to what end and purpose
Most people never knew
He would think about their troubles
Again, each day, anew

He thought about old days and times
Of war and death and theft
He wondered how to help those folk
If help was not bereft

Some said they found him odd and mad
Some said they hardly saw him
Some said he stood for nothing good
Some said he mostly awed them

Some people said he mastered minds
Which left them ill at ease
So some folks left the place they knew
To escape his prying pleas

And many said the Mind Bender
Could read their thoughts and mind
They said he took from them their will
And that they weren’t inclined

A few resisted tales and lies
And often brought him bread
But never would he accept
And bade them, “eat,” instead

And those that spoke to him did see
That though his look was rough
His eyes had love and empathy
Though it wasn’t quite enough

Because the Mind Bender was old
And his actions spoke so dim
He never thought about the truth
That people couldn’t love him

He dreamed of sailing far away
Of catching hope for a smile
He thought about rest from strife
And they loved him less all the while

On it went, the time and things
And not a day did he sleep
He never founds any nepenthe
And often would only weep

On and on those people dying
Thought him all the while insane
and on the old Mind Bender
thought of ways to end their pain

And naught of such a heart broke man
had this land ever seen
and never such a sadder tale
thus has there ever been

For loving those he did not know
was part of his down fall
he never knew those that he loved
so he could not help at all

And in the end, it must be told
That though he bent and tried
The Mind Bender did rest alone
Alone in castle, there he died.

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