The Mirror’s Story

The mirror’s fine line is difficult to discern
The border that switches is taxing to learn

It flops over and changes at some point in space
And one turns to the other and takes the ones place

While we all sit on that line looking up and next down
A smile we can see and switched over a frown

The objects and matter we see in a face
Can look like our world and our lot in space

Like the birds in the sky making fish in the sea
Flying and swimming for the looker to see

And reflecting their ways with the others small moves
Reflecting their moods and their life and their grooves

The fish are the birds that swim in the ocean
Creating small waves in the air with their motion

The fish of the sky are swimming through air
Flying and swimming always heading somewhere

The flying birds of the water are soaring on waves
Making slicing and ripples, the ocean it paves

The birds are the fish and the fish are the birds
Thus they tell the mirrors story without any words.

Cole Lemme
Concept: Kaitlyn Walker

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One Response to The Mirror’s Story

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    wow, i really like this one. the fish are birds that swim in the ocean…love that and of course then the inverse as well. the imagery of it all is quite lovely. it is a great concept!