The Ghost of Midnight Past

The Ghost of Midnight Past came to me one night
While sleep was far and dreams had taken flight

He sung me many stories while I looked in hallow eyes
Ringing out the secrets with subtle ghastly sighs

I learned so much of what my life had acted out
And gained the harsher knowledge of things I used to doubt

I knew at once the words were true, knew He didn’t lie
He told me stories of many souls that I had once made cry

And secrets too of worse deeds done, unforgiven wrongs
That registered so sharply, as it sang its ghostly songs

I wasn’t even sure aware that tears spilled softly down
And met down at my shaky mouth, wetting my slight frown

I asked what I could do to make up for what I’d sewn
How I could take back a sinful squall, one already blown

He said to me what I know is true, something I won’t forget
That I wasn’t Him, and I had time, for I wasn’t dead quite yet

Don’t tarry long, He said in song, leaving me one small threat:
That I’d be judged like all souls are, and like He, I’d pay my debt…

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