The Firefly Light

One thousand years, so long a time,
To live unhappy days.
But I would surely wait as such,
For the choice of my true ways.

And once for every thousand years,
I’ll experience that bliss.
I’d trade long years of tears and tears,
For a day of true happiness.

For years of sorrow, death, and woe,
Those times that we abhor,
I’ll look for that one day of grace,
Which will shine out all the more.

Temperance might bless most souls;
Ups and downs most hate.
But I love no happy medium.
An extremist, I can wait.

Why endless times of the mundane,
Where the listless days renew?
A world that is already dead,
Where the sadness is gone too.

Without wanting, where’s the reward?
Without trials, what is life?
We need it for true happiness,
Even though we live in strife.

What firefly could love itself,
Whose bulb is only half bright?
In the utter dreary darkness,
Of a moonless, starless night.

Fireflies wait in that dead gloom,
Unseen by any eyes.
They experience those shadows,
Then the shadows, it defies.

For in one mere fleeting moment,
Resplendent light will flare.
In that small span of rapture,
It knew no dark despair.

We need the darkness for true light
Or the bulb will never glow.
I want them both the love and hate
So I can truly, wholly know.

So in this anguish I shall wait,
Stronger and sadder in plight.
With the hope and long time longing,
That the firefly light will light.

Cole Lemme
Concept: Kaitlyn Walker

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