Some Beauty In My Eye

A man hustled by me
And said in his rush
That “A bird in the hand
Is worth two in the bush!”

So taking a cage
I trapped many birds
And held tight on to them
Heeding his words

In winter I’d forgotten
To put on my coat
Then a friend remarked later
“There’s a frog in your throat.”

I looked in the mirror
For the cause of the croak
But I never did find
That slimy green bloke

One time I could not
For my own life remember
The time of the day
For some man that December

“Take a shot in the dark.”
He said like a loon
So I shot off a gun
At a night with no moon

My shirt donned a hole
From the wearing of mine
And a seamstress said me
“A stitch in time will save nine.”

So I pulled down a clock
And a needle and thread
Sewing through the timepiece
Until my fingers had bled

An old enemy of mine
A vendetta had we
“Can we bury the hatchet?”
He last had asked me

So I shrugged and I dug
A small hole that same day
Then I threw in a hatchet
To his puzzled dismay

A friend of mine told me
Some words of to ponder
He said “Distance will only
Make the heart grow fonder.”

So I ran then I walked
As fast as I could
From the woman who loved me
Then she left me for good

I felt so much despair
So I seemed self-destructive
And I didn’t accomplish
What some call constructive

A supposed ‘friend’ said,
“If you could see what I’m seeing
On the brink of destruction
Is where you’re real close to being.”

It made me long much
To find the said mountain
The one called Destruction
A place to which I had not been.

Thus I sat on that edge
Of the mountain of madness
And as the sun rose above
It brought forth my sadness

Someone walking there also
Noticed tears running down
And asked the beholder
“Why the tearful long frown?”

I told him as I pointed
To the sun’s steady rise
“I’m not crying at all,
Just some beauty in my eyes.”

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One Response to Some Beauty In My Eye

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    damn, i love it. perfect use of idioms. it is a fun read!
    “I’m not crying at all,
    Just some beauty in my eyes.” my very favorite part. i don’t think there are even words for that.