Good and Evil

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  1. wick says:


  2. wick says:

    btw, weird. My time says 7:21 for my previous post.

  3. unnecessary says:

    “I am such a strange mélangé of good and evil that it would be difficult to describe me.” Lord Byron said that once.

  4. Karly says:

    “Of the good in you I can speak, but not of the evil. For what is evil but good tortured by its own hunger and thirst?”
    ~ Kahlil Gibran

    The idiom ‘in camera’ holds the meaning “in private”. Related more in a business setting sense, however, one can quickly find themselves pondering the idea of what a picture truly represents. How can a picture ultimately be private when viewed heavily by the publics’ eye? The answer lies within the underlying Meaning of the picture through the subject and photographer. One will never be able to decider precisely what thoughts were traveling through the subject, or photographer’s minds, leaving the mystery misunderstood, and beckoning to the viewer to unravel the essence.

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