Perspective/Alien Poem

Wrap your brain around this: The nearest significant galaxy to our galaxy (the Milky Way) is called Andromeda: It would take us approximately 2.5 million light years to travel there (that’s traveling as fast as a particle/wave of light, which is 186,000 miles per second). And that’s just to get to the galaxy next door. As far as we’ve estimated so far, the universe has somewhere in the billions of these galaxies. Some say even 500 billion galaxies. And to go from one to one, it would take somewhere around 2.5 million light years. That’s really, unfathomably, big.

Since this is so, the piece I’m about to write MUST have been written or spoken (or even thought) by some alien race or some sentient being SOMEWHERE out there. Or at minimum, when translated into their letters and words, it makes sense as a poem to something or someone out there. I translated it perfectly (most likely) into English letters, but I don’t know exactly (our most likely at all) what it means:

bartetup wehth romalthal hox esx ththel elel
the emimey tpotl arnemore ale hatharathafel
tobe yeap racth tgh moonerh ohrah na xem
thizzs zel ranp ranp ranp yepth et gal a bem
wahha wahnm wamp wanp wapz zapla leeee
leyp henaram namp erexenem xem fa sa salee
ti to tohe galaz pwertyrie brek nem xem tine
ghelly fol anz an onon thex xem eresta zine

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