Long Gone Wedding Band

It’s easy as hell Chad, to want to get drunk,
If you didn’t get last night just drunk as a skunk.

For I like to forget those women and times,
And I like to erase old thoughts from my mind.

“Let me forget, let me not take these home,
These thoughts that I hate in my mind that is lone.

A sharp toothed old soul and the wish in my hand,
And the wild and the world and a small silver band,
That I threw in the lake off my dirty old hand.

I went to that beach where we met and we loved.
But those times were long past so I shoved and I shoved.”

Those unkind old memories now tattooed in ink,
Rather in skin so we weren’t forced to think.

They stayed in that arm instead of my mind,
And that really did work for a small stint of time.

“But back at the lake I sat and I stewed,
And I drank all the beer that those people had brewed.

For the crutch that folks need for the they weakness they hold,
For the truth they can’t ever be just quite that bold.

And will never know true uncertain restraint,
And will live out their lives so little and quaint,

Uncertain, afraid, and scared of all words,
While sitting and laughing at all sorts of nerds,

Making fun of those others that they never knew,
While I sit here and drink the beer that they brew.

For it keeps off my mind those bullies and lies,
And it helps with the times that I think of those wives;

All the people that hate us and love us the same,
Though we never could love them in Jesus Christ’s name.

Though now that they’re gone we love for their hate,
We long for that person and a past that was fate.

But it’s gone and life changes and the time carries on,
Just like all this clear water that ebbs and is gone.

And I’ve lost that old ring and it’s gone for the time.
But someone might find it if fate stays sublime.

They’ll sit and they’ll wonder at my sad endless plight,
And they’ll wonder if I’m gone, long dead in the night.

Til then I’ll live on and I’ll drink and I’ll think,
Drinking all that old brew, and I’ll think on and drink.”

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