Letter to Scott Park

My dear friend Scott,

I’m not sure when you’ll receive this letter, but I have no other way of communicating with you, it seems.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and the days grow shorter and shorter with the rhythm of my sleep exacerbating this phenomenon. I wake in the morning with much sunlight already gone and by the time I take Charlie out, it’s already dark and the scary things have begun lurking about for the night.

Holden is doing well, as well as ever. He’s about two months old now, and eating and shitting pretty regularly, which is what babies do, so the humans say. He cries quite a lot, but for all the crying and the diapers and the feeding, it’s worth seeing him smile every once in a while. He’s sitting beside me now in, eyes heavy, wondering why his uncle Scott has never met him.

Skunk Creek Scott. Scotty Big-Iron. My friend. How have you been?

Here’s a few questions to think on: What would you do if the entirety of your life was dedicated to revenge? But only revenge wherein you had to hide yourself before you could execute your impeccable plan. That is to say, what would you do if the world persecuted you, for reasons that do not matter for this hypothetical, but you still longed for revenge upon a single entity more than anything else your heart had ever or would ever desire? The specific question is coming. For this scenario, let us say you were independently wealthy. A millionaire we’ll say. So you pretty much had endless resources for this revenge. But since you were persecuted, you’d have to live in solitude, while you formulated your plans for revenge. What would you do during the down time, those long drawn out years of patience and waiting? Say this endeavor took your entire life, which is a long time. You wouldn’t have cable, you wouldn’t have a job, you wouldn’t even have television or a video game console to make it interesting. What would you do? Would you ship in barrels of wine and whiskey and beer and ale and drink all the time? Would you read books of great literature? Would you experiment with science? Would you learn a music instrument and master it? Would you learn to cook like a master? You have the resources. Anything. Except you cannot have the mundane forms of entertainment we all use such as television and cell phones and people. Would you paint? Would you master the Dao and understand it? Would you meditate? Would you write letters?

Would you find yourself?

All the best and I hope to hear from you, and to hear your answers and many more things besides.

In all sincerity,
Cole Lemme


“Dear Cole,
I am not a writer. I am a man of many names, a rambling man, chasing the sunset and sunrise till I end up back to where I came. Physically, a man, but a child deep down. Regarding your letter, busy makes me forget tasks. Busy does not make me forget friends. Love ya buddy.”

Scott Park
March 12, 2012

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