I’ll Be Okay Today

I’m saddened that I’ll never live
Only in the month of May
To forever feel soft showers, sunlight
But I’ll be okay today

I’m blue about the ocean
Its beauty and its sway
I wish I could show all souls her
But I’ll walk on today

I’m downhearted that I cannot be
A permanent starry day
To glitter on eternally
But I’ll be content today

I’m depressed about the humans
And that fact that we decay
I wish us all immortal
But I’ll live on today

I’m scornful of the times
In which thoughts I did betray
I wish I had been truer
But I’ll try more today

I’m hopeless at the prospect
Of answer to prays I pray
Whispered onto nothingness
But I’ll be fine today

I’m despairing at the notion
That I’ll become part of the clay
And I won’t come back to write
But I’ll be all right today

I’m dejected at the thought
That so many days are gray
While the good ones gone, forgotten
But today I’ll be okay

I’m miserable at the truth
That with me you cannot stay
But I’ll be okay to continue
And carry on today.

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One Response to I’ll Be Okay Today

  1. Jenny says:

    I loved this :)