For Aaron

If my mind is a fire emboldened by rain
If it is fueled like thoughts fuel the insane

I don’t disagree, I see the connection
For that’s all we are, not a thing of perfection

From the minds to the cosmos, micro and macro
exist connections, connections, synapses to Velcro

But inside a mind exists a cosmos as well
A place for ideas, for new worlds to swell

And for a place for creation, above all the rest
A place for a murderer named Tomlinson Hest

A place for wroughting, synthesizing, welding
For putting together, and amalgamating

A place for a wizard, a mindbender, a bringer of lightning
A place for Stephen King, and his novels (so frightening!)

A place for grammar and English, for Words of that passed
A place for dying sunflowers, and other poetry amassed

I saw it all too, before it was there,
In that place, my mind didn’t start only bare

It was a fire, a fire like others possess
and then I heard other people and began to guess

At what might be if other thoughts met up with others
If a baby was stolen, or if stars had had mothers

That fire was burning, ready to burst
And rain came along, increasing its thirst

It hasn’t put it out yet, and I daresay it will not
Rain expands, gives me concepts, motives, desires, problems, rhymes, ideas, notions, constructs, worlds,
and plot.

I’ve said I was atlas, man of the rain,
A spine calcified, emboldened by pain

So my mind is as well, as you’ve stated (so true!)
As clear to me as my favorite color (it’s blue!)

Then yours is a fire emboldened by Fire
Your compliment seeks to against you conspire

For I hold that notion higher than one of by Rain
It seeks to burn brighter; from itself it can gain

It burned up itself, but somehow got brighter
A little Aaron to a man; a campfire from a lighter

like the fucking sun my friend, just like that ball
burning up plasma, using itself for itself
not creating a wall

For your skull was no wall, you had infinite room
inside of that bone for your mind of to boom

From it came a thought about Easter and Jesus
How he somehow doesn’t work, doesn’t truly ever please us

He never gave us two souls and that rattles your cage
Let’s beat him with his sandals! (nah, let’s turn the page)

From the fire came a tenth anniversary poem,
(hell, from it came a whole hell of a tome)

You went Full Circle on a thing called “clichés”
And I have no idea if that’s transient, a phase J

You made a captain, a caboose, a banstickle just using instinct
your gut.
And a goopy train, goopy train, goopy train

And the things about Lisa, all men of should envy
And logically jealous of Lisa all women should then be
We all say I love you! (how boring, clichéd right?)
But to say it unique, inimitably good
Like a fire by Fire, inevitably would

And that fired burned so far, but not out, it still burns
And I suppose like the rest of some, it seeks, it learns

The mind of yours got to a place (as far as I can tell)
The Rain kept on pouring, the Fire as well

Fire, Rain, Beauty, Pain, Truth, Lies, Apathy, Tries, Love, Lust, Humans,

And a place of unknowing, an uncaring solution,
with no stop or no end. No revolution.

Because you’re lost in that lost if land there be,
I know it to be tRUE
and Aaron if you ever care to stay in there
that hell
You’ll find my company
as well.

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One Response to For Aaron

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    i love this poem every single time i read it. aaron is right, you are a fire emboldened by rain. you weave and create and it all flows so very beautifully. for the love of all that is holy in the land, please keep writing.