Destroying Eternity

Once upon a time not so long ago,
We tried and we tested and tested and tried,
Those limits and borders and things that quite died.

I tried my best with no rest and lest,
I lay my weary head down to die.

For the times I was cautious and the times I was bold,
Like the harm I inflicted and the harm I held tight,
And the times where all things broke the mold.

And the times where a story was told.

Until life meant quite little and we waited its lore,
Til we slept and we ate on the old pallid shore.

That eternal abyss, that sad endless past,
Stretching forward for days like it all would long last.

We loved which meant loss and the fires were stoked,
And often through us were the hearts that were broke.

But we blamed very few though we blamed long and hard,
And we looked for that ace, that miracle card.

For sometimes it did come and sometimes we went bust,
And sometimes hated life when it settled the dust.

We saw it all mostly and we sat that all full,
Whether we or the ocean was the slow steady pull.

So the moon and the folks and the sailors and tunes,
Made us sit all alone with the friendship of ruin.

But we didn’t take back the time nor the love,
Though we broke all those hearts and put ours way above.

We waited on high on a shelf made of trust,
And again we did not fuss over long dried up rust.

And life was a relentless assailant of pain;
All the hope that I held was certain to wane.

It wore out real fast and I hated that wait,
So in the end I went knocking on heaven’s gold gate.

Thus eternity wept ere I made it all go,
I destroyed all the future so no others would know.

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