Crying Sunflower Seeds

When life first began, with planting from hands
It started out with the hope of love’s blessing
With no need for sins, no need for sadness
And the plants would not need confessing
But though we started out there, this place without heeds
We finished off lying, having cried out all of our sunflower seeds

Then all the flowers grew, and nobody knew
What the sower and his gentle hands forgot
So we looked all around, and at dusk we looked down
Following the sun was ever our lot
Still our bodies stayed upright, strength for life’s deeds
Though we kept up the vying, crying nothing but sunflower seeds

Water rained in all around, stirred the cracked ground
Drooping leaves and sinking all the fields’ hope
But as some started drowning, the sun would come out
And the living were forced to continue to cope
We hung our heads once again, like the flower that bleeds
Shallow in the mud drying, crying the sunflower seeds

Weeds soon came along, with a harsh choking song
That rang out against all the planter’s dreams
Though from whence they came He knew not
But we blamed him regardless for all of his schemes
And through the torment of pain from those malevolent reeds
We were on Him still relying, crying nothing but sunflower seeds

We lashed out against friends, not treating flowers as ends
In some attempt at truth and at power
We killed baby flowers and backbit and stole dirt
Over weak flowers, the stronger would tower
Echoing in our petals were the dying ones’ pleads
Our time in hell we kept buying, while still crying the sunflower seeds

Time it passed by, though we didn’t know why
For our planter gave us nothing to know
Our hearts hardened fast, like our stalks and our leaves
Without choice, a gardener, or a person to hoe
We had no one to tend us, our hearts or our needs
So we stood barely trying, crying nothing but sunflower seeds

In the end when it came, cursing His name
We decided no longer to follow the sun
We stared at the mud, pulled down by our tears
Knowing our time in the fields were now done
We tell our story every fall, to you who now reads
Of the meager, the dying, crying nothing but sunflower seeds

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One Response to Crying Sunflower Seeds

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    i’ve loved this poem since the first time i read it. i love the beautiful imagery it paints in my mind, but it is so sad. it is a concept i would have never thought of. this is one of my favorites by you.