Business of Being Born

The business of being born
Remains puzzling and strange
Understanding why we all mourn
Is out of my brain’s range

We should never make a fuss
Whether created or not:
If a God made all of us
Or a big ol’ bang’s begot

Let us say I can know
(Even if it’s far from near)
When we all began the show
And from whence we all got here

Let us say it’s a years a’trillion
(And that’s a low, low ball)
Of those trillion there’s a billion
And that’s not very small

That’s when it all began
A one thousand billion
(Don’t count it on your hand)
To make a single trillion

And it’s one thousand millions,
To make this further clear
And that creates a single billion
(And this is just in years)

A thousand endfull thousands
To make a single million
I bet that’s many things unreasoned
(Now think about quadrillion)

That’s how long ago
This silly life became
I’m not saying that I surely know
I just had to make a frame

But speeding up to now
(Who cares about years past?)
Because I can tell you just how
Our Earth came about at last

Since we have no speck of clue
If another Earth is there
I’ll try to explain to each of you
What odds you can compare

It takes us several stages
To begin to be a person
I read it in some many pages
(And these odds will further worsen)

The first stage has to do
With a tiny single cell
It’s so different from me and you
(As far as I can tell)

And the odds of that occurring
Is about a ten percent
But it happened, I’m inferring,
From that ancestors ascent

But the next stage that I know
It is a very complex thing
And that is half way that we go
More odds now I must bring

For that second stage life
Happens once in ten
So the life is never, ever, rife
But that’s where we all have been

Then on to the third stage
(It’s sort of, kind of, being)
I read it on a different page
So you’re probably sort of seeing

That all the odds for this
Are as bad as all those prior
But all those I cannot dismiss
Lest I find myself liar

So all of that on our Earth
It was difficult hub
To even begin to start our birth
Now here’s another rub

Put all that stuff as a sum
And combine the odds of some
And you’ve got a .01
In a billion x 4 to come

It all has to happen in sequence
From big bang to what we are
To make this utter coincidence
From a place away so far

But after we evolved
And space around us slowed
Our lives were then revolved
Around “love” through us that flowed

To one person in a sea
Of many other groins
They saw one other folk agree
Of eagerness in their loins

This timing was contingent
Upon the cycles’ ides
Of the many hundreds women spent
Living out their short short lives

But it all worked out (of course)
‘Cause the egg was ovulating
With almost no resistant force
We humans started mating

Now for you to come along
It took a million men
And I’m almost positively sure
That meant a million women

Each person then responsible
For creating you
Each one was indispensable
With no one else in lieu

Thinking about those many
Pales in comparison
To the many times (and there were plenty)
When your line could have been done

They might have come close to dying
(For have not we all?)
And though we didn’t know we were relying
We needed them not to fall

It’s obvious that they didn’t
(or we wouldn’t be alive)
We needed them for our stint
And for our children to survive

Your parents met up next
(Against all odds, I’m sure)
And gave each other little pecks
And created that allure

And all of us born, we won
Of a million sperm or so
We were the daughter or the son
Of an acidic place to go

Every single one of us born
The up next question will beg
Of how many cycles, how many torn?
Was it, that we picked the right egg?

And so thus, you came about
(As the rest of us did)
From endless products, (there’s no doubt)
A tiny little kid

Thank the air you see above you
Thank the universe up high
For all things it actually meant to do
(And all things it didn’t try)

Thank those light years that it took
The distance of all of those
Thanks the reader and the book
And the words inside its prose

Thank the pizza on the bed
And the time that it fell off
Thank the barnyard and the shed
And those pigs up at the trough

Thank the nouns that don’t exist
(Or even just the notion)
Thank this little gist
And the nouns verbing in their motion

Thank the passing of the time
And every passing season
Thank every single rhyme
And every single reason

And with the words about way above
Don’t forget that single moment
Of conception or of love
And of kindness and of torment

Forget not the one that died
Or that one that lived a life
Thank ones that even tried
And the girl that was a wife

Thank the long forgotten truth,
And the lies that made it true
Thank the long forgotten youth
(And remember to thank you)

Thank Hitler and his kills
The small parts and the whole
Thank hurricanes and thrills
And a little hidey hole

Don’t forget your mom or your dad
Thank flings, and rings, and kings
Thank everything good and bad
Oh, and all those other things

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