Areon and Nothingness

This is a book I started writing when I was 17. When an author looks back at old works after so many years of trying to perfect the art, he or she begins to see how far one can come. I self-published this one after a few years of trying for mainstream publication; I could only pitch it for so long. It’s not the worst stuff I’ve written, and I did fall in love with a few aspects and characters, as I hope you will if you buy a copy. I don’t think I’ll give up on mainstream publication for my second attempt at a novel, Berserkr Blood, as easily as I did this one. Anyhow, here’s the blurb if you’re interested:

Areon always knew of the lower level magic, the elements he could control from within himself, such as fire and water. But he considered those petty magic after he learned of the six gemstones that contained within them essences of the very universe and its life. God created them, in the beginning, according to believers, and angels from God’s choir continue to protect them, so the legends and myths say.

But when a master of shadow, a woman named Reiquem, meets up with Areon, he discovers that one of the temples housing the gemstone of shadow has been ransacked, that the angel has been killed, and that the gemstone has gone missing. He starts to wonder about the old tales of angels. He decides to adventure away from his home with her, and discover the truth to the universe, the angels, the gemstones, and who is behind this monstrosity of a theft.

Soon he becomes wrapped up in a struggle for the gemstones that hold the very essence and fabric of the universe together. Almost counter to his wishes, he is pit against the Nine Orders of Angels in a quest to retrieve the other gemstones and save the universe itself from a possible imbalance, and ultimately its destruction. His end goal might mean that he has to defy God in order to save those he loves, and even then, it might not be enough…

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