Berserkr Blood, in the end of it all…

Good heavens I finally finished my novel Berserkr Blood. I started it sometime in 2006 or 07, I can’t exactly remember. When I first wrote it, when it started out, the main character wasn’t realized, the world was foggy, and the story was insipid. So I threw it all away, four long chapters, or so, I deleted. That’s more difficult to do than some people might think. Then Karl came about, in my mind, a realized character from the beginning and he brought with him his story, which was nice because then the writing was easier. I know why and how characters like Drizzt Do’Urden from R.A. Salvatore and Lirael from Garth Nix exist now; they must have just come about in the author’s mind, parts of their philosophies mixed with other things from the world, to create their own personalized and unique being. Karl from my story is the same. I think these authors would agree they are apart from them, as separate people, ones who could continue to write themselves because of their unique integrity, their distinguished voice, and their inimitable aspects. So read about him! For the sake of good and evil read about Karl. His journey is a difficult one, as is life. I’m querying agents as we speak, which means a one page pitch; most big publishing houses won’t read manuscripts unless they’re from an agent, so with hope, one will pick me up. Email me if you want to read it: I always love a good critique.

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