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A New Venture.

I decided many years ago to dedicate myself to writing. And for ten or so years, that’s exactly what I did. Everything I wrote, for the most part, I put on this website. Even the first novel, Areon and Nothingness, more »

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The Ghost of Midnight Past

The Ghost of Midnight Past came to me one night While sleep was far and dreams had taken flight He sung me many stories while I looked in hallow eyes Ringing out the secrets with subtle ghastly sighs I learned more »

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Write On

I wish for one more poem, I wish, I truly do I wish for more rhythm in beauty to appear in inky blue Not all poems are about love, heartache, and its desire Some are about monsters lurking, and dragon’s more »

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Keys to Thought

Searching ever for all of the keys, those ones lost and buried in seas, to the paupers or to the crowns, the rags to the gold threaded gowns, cutting the breeze with hoper’s eyes, up through the twinkling sapphire skies, more »

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God’s Plan for You to go to Hell

You hear Christians, or even just people that believe in God, say that “He has a plan for all of us.” And then when someone asks, “Why does evil exist if God is omni-benevolent and all-powerful and more or less more »

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Perspective/Alien Poem

Wrap your brain around this: The nearest significant galaxy to our galaxy (the Milky Way) is called Andromeda: It would take us approximately 2.5 million light years to travel there (that’s traveling as fast as a particle/wave of light, which more »

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Old Drunk Uncle Edward

Old drunk Uncle Edward Was one hell of a cat With women he’d be forward And with men he often spat I met him at a Christmas He came to one fond year He’d worn some weird pajamas And was more »

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I Found Out Today When I Would Die

I found out today the date when I would die. It made me start to think and start to cry, But it leads around to what I’m trying to get at I found out today while I thought and I more »

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Winter, Sun, Moon

Winter was probably the coldest of them all. She’d come around, though, every year, for some reason after Fall. She bore a frosted heart, wherever in the world, And left a wake of snow, longing after her, unfurled. Winter, she more »

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For Aaron

If my mind is a fire emboldened by rain If it is fueled like thoughts fuel the insane I don’t disagree, I see the connection For that’s all we are, not a thing of perfection From the minds to the more »

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