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I’m an ill-made knight, if ever there was one, walking out into the sunshine, facing a crowd that adores honor, something they can’t explain even, ready to falter and die of shameless deeds.

I’m one heartbeat, after the other.

I’ve fallen into a smaller niche in the universe, a niche that is logically sound but doesn’t seem to make sense. A person in endless, perpetual arguments that never wanted to be there; a shell of what I once was clinging on to fading shafts of light from a resplendent past, while walking inexorably forward towards a decadent future. A man that doesn’t care about it all, but will listen if you ask; A person that does care so deeply and honestly yet refuses to even look at you due to pent up anger at the truth that I cannot know or discover it all; but still a seeker of truth.

And a story teller.

Becoming a Giant is one that remains close to my heart. It’s what I strive for, so even if you think you don’t relate to me because I’m some pretentious, conceited writer, remember that I’m also a fool on that path to becoming a Giant. And I’ll be damned if I’m not as far away as most people.

See you in the wild.

-Cole D. Lemme

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  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    I have to say that so far, this is my favorite part of your site. It’s just really a great look inside, and very well written. I don’t know how one could walk away from this section and not feel either wiser or more philosophical than they were prior to reading it. It makes me think and question and want to learn more about this “Cole Lemme.” I love your journey through writing and quite honestly, your brilliance shines through.
    I’m one heartbeat, after the other….is effing amazing. Damn, I love that line.

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