A New Venture.

I decided many years ago to dedicate myself to writing. And for ten or so years, that’s exactly what I did. Everything I wrote, for the most part, I put on this website. Even the first novel, Areon and Nothingness, is available now. I’m seeking publication for my second one currently.

A lot of things happened during the last ten years. I had a son. I loved and lost. I got a few more tattoos, and I drink a lot less.

And I also did much thinking. I realized that although I do possess a deep love for writing, I also need to do more than that in my lifetime. I wrote down all that stuff that was in my head and then realized, after it was all out, that I wanted to help people. I want to do some good in the world. I do think writing is good, but now that I’ve done all that, made a few stories, I want to do something even greater with my life, while continuing to seek mainstream publication.

That’s part of becoming a Giant to me, different facets. I’m still on the path, and as of this point, writing isn’t enough for my path. So I’ll still leave everything up here, all the poetry, and the links to buy the books, and all the words. But while I continue to do this, I’m going to continue to do other things because I feel like I have it in me.

I want to keep saving people, literally if I can. I want to make money someday and help feed people in other countries, or maybe go back to school, I want to run my business and help others succeed in the proccess. I want to raise my son to be honest, true, just, polite, kind, and without fear. I want to see the world if possible.

So thank you for stopping in, thank you friends, readers, for everything. Stop back any old time. Thanks for saving me too. I’m off to save someone else for now.

My Best,


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